About the art and the artist

Digital Painting

As a graphic designer for over 20 years, I began work digitally to create my fine art prints. Many times the images contain bits of my photography, textures, and typography.  I spend hours painting and refining and layering to achieve a delicately layered textural collage. 

Much of my work has a global influence, bringing different cultures and images together in each piece. My colors tend to be earthy, my designs reflecting tranquility and warmth. Click on the Art Gallery link above to see more.

Sherri Rowland Art

Sherri Rowland art encompasses  digital paintings as well as the recent addition of  acrylic painting.  My art so far has a global influence and unique textural design that I see remaining and evolving as my work continues. The fluidity of my work helps to create a feeling of space and serenity.

Browse the gallery to find the right pieces for you to create a mindful living space with art that allows you to recharge in your home.  Please contact me with any questions or to  purchase.


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